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 Bore Probes for tapered hole diameter measurement


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Multi-Sensor Hole Measurement CHP Probe Series Probe Design enables comprehensive hole diameter, countersink and hole depth measurement and profiling: CHP probes are available in a range of diameters and lengths with up to 48 individual sensors located axially and along the probe surface. Diameter measurements as well as fastener hole shape are obtained through the entire grip length of the hole. In contrast, older mechanical contact methods only characterize the fastener hole at one location at a time.

Typical CHP Tapered Probes can be designed to measure diameters between from 0.1563" to 1.5" (3.97 to 38.1mm).

The Tapered Hole Diameter probes shown in top photo are used to measure the bores used in the connection of the wings to wingbox in the largest passenger aircraft in the world.