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Instrumentation portable

CMS-3 Portable Hole Mapping Portable Electronic Package

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CMS-3 Instrumentation - Quick and Accurate Measurement of Fastener Holes with Minimum Operator Induced Error: Structural QA of airframes and other industrial assemblies may require inspection of thousands of fastener holes to insure compliance to design specifications. The CMS-3 handheld instrumentation and mating CHP (Capacitance Hole Probe) probe series comprise a highly accurate system that reduces test time while minimizing operator induced error.

The CMS-3 uses up to 48 Sensor elements to inspect the inside diameter of a fastener hole at 24 locations, in one insertion, in one second. In addition to “PASS/FAIL” indication, the CMS-3 can interface with industry standard SPC data collectors such as the Allen-Bradley DataMyte for in-process trend analysis.

CMS3 Brochure

2008 SAE Paper on Gauge R&R results

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