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Systèmes de mesure d'alésages

Hole Measuring System


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Capacitec hole measurement system using Capacitec Non-contact displacement sensors installed into Bore Probes and connected to Capacitec modular electronics

The selection of which Capacitec modular electronic sytems to use in conjunction with capacitive bore probes depends on several factors including:

• number of sensors used in the probe
• bore probe outside diameter
• countersink measurement requirements
• hand-held or automated insertion
• material layer thickness specification
• real-time measurement software
• accuracy and linearization required
• long cable length option

Based on the customer's specification on features and benefits these are among the typical choices:

Triple Channel Electronics

The triple channel is a semi portable non-contact capacitive instrumentation package that can be used with capacitive bore gauges containing 3 non-contact displacement sensors.

5000 Series Modular Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement Electronics

The digital 5000 Series Modular non-contact capacitive displacement instrumentation packages are the next generation to the 4000 series. Introduced in 2005, they provide the latest state-of-the-art electronics and offer significant added value to users such as:

• On-board digital linearization (linearity to ±0.1% of full scale)
• Pushbutton calibration - no potentiometers
• Switch selectable filter response: 3.1kHz, 5.7kHz, 8.1kHz, & optional 11.2kHz, to +/-3dB
• Variable frequency excitation switch
• Improved performance and stability with high temperature and long cable length probes

4000 Series Non-Contact Capacitive Displacement

The 4000 Series Modular and the NEW 410-XS Mini-modular non-contact capacitive displacement instrumentation. The modular amplifier cards are designed to operate with every probe diameter configuration and several sensitivity ranges by simple recalibration.